4rd International

Medicine and Health Sciences Researches Congress


( 22 – 23 August 2020 )

Boğazkale / H A T T U Ş A

ONLİNE Congress


Dear Researchers,

The 4th International Congress on Medical and Health Sciences Research (UTSAK), which is the continuation of the congresses previously held in Yalova, Bandırma, Şanlıurfa and Ankara, will be held ONLINE between 22-23 August 2020 with your support.

We have previously announced that we will hold the congress in Hattuşa / Boğazkale district of Çorum, which has hosted an important civilization in history. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been influencing the world for a long time, continues to have a certain level of influence in the summer months, we have planned to hold the congress ONLINE so that the participants do not enter any risk gold. But in order to contribute to the promotion of the region and the promotion of its cultural richness, we plan to manage the congress from here as ONLINE.

Participants can participate in the 4th UTSAK Congress, oral presentation and poster presentation. The congress will be held ONLINE. However, participants who cannot participate in online presentations for different reasons will also have the opportunity to make their presentations with VIDEO CONFERENCE or SKYPE.

In the congress, application can be made in all sub-branches of Medicine and Health Sciences. At the end of the congress, Abstract Book and Proceedings will be published.

We invite you to the 4th International Medical and Health Sciences Research Congress (UTSAK), which will be held between 22-23 August 2020.

Note: In addition to oral presentations to the congress, poster presentation and exhibition participation application can be made